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Who we are

The Document Foundation is a charitable Foundation under German law, founded on February 17th, 2012. Its objective, as defined in the statutes, is to nurture and develop office software that is free to use by everyone. The foundation furthers a sustainable, independent and meritocratic community which develops free, libre and open source software based on open standards through international collaboration.

We are driven by thousands of volunteers as well as paid contributors worldwide, and with joint forces, provide the best free office suite,LibreOffice, which is available in over 110 languages, for any major platform.

Our values are openness, transparency and meritocracy. By using these as our guiding principles, we have made our budget as well as our financial reports public.

Why we need your support

Although the LibreOffice community is active, vibrant and very diverse, achieving the mission of The Document Foundation costs money. Servers and infrastructure need to be provided and maintained, domain names and trademarks need to be registered and taken care of, plus there is an ongoing demand for travel funding of our members, and participation in events.

You are more than welcome to donate to our ongoing operations budget.